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Runaway Stage Productions is pleased to offer a live orchestra at all of its Broadway Stage shows.
The number of players used from show to show vary depending on the needs of the score.
Below are the bios of our Resident Orchestra members.

Heavily influenced by Saturday morning cartoons, Thomas Adkins has always found enjoyment in classical music and musical theatre.  Regardless, his journey down a cellist’s path was mainly initiated by a 7th grade introduction to strings class and a set of parents who enjoyed the sound of the cello more than the anguished pleas of their son to play anything more cool than the cello.  Despite that ignominious start, Mr. Adkins grew to enjoy the instrument and flourished.  Through the late junior high and high school years, he studied privately with Mr. Joseph Taylor, and participated in the Compton Youth, Southwest Symphony, and California Junior Philharmonic orchestras.  After a hiatus to complete engineering studies and secure employment, Mr. Adkins returned to the cello, this time without parental involvement.  Along with participation within the Runaway Stage Productions’ Resident Orchestra, Mr. Adkins is a cellist with the Camellia Symphony orchestra.  Mr. Adkins would like to thank Susan Cook whose present private instruction has helped neutralize the ill-effects of a long hiatus from focused instruction.  He would like to express appreciation for the Job-like patience of Joseph Taylor, whose past plagues included a student who produced more problems than quality music.  He would like to thank Warner Brothers cartoons, the good ones, the ones created prior to 1980.  Finally, Mr. Adkins would like to thank God and the parents who ignored the prayers and pleas of a son who wanted to play anything more cool than the cello.

JEANNA ARNOLD Clarinet, Saxophones and Flute/Piccolo
Jeanna learned to play saxophone in 7th grade. She was a music major through high school and community college where she received occupational certificates in Commercial Music and Music Copying. After high school, Jeanna was part of the United States Collegiate Winds Band that toured Europe. In college, she was part of the Olympic Marching Band (a 1000 piece band!) that performed at the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1984 Olympics in L.A. She moved to Sacramento in 1986 and music went on a 20 year hiatus. In 2006, Jeanna answered an ad from a gentleman looking for musicians to recreate his nine piece swing/dance band (from the 1940's!). This also required her to learn the clarinet. Since then, she has joined the Capitol Pops Concert Band and now feels honored to be a part of the wonderful RSP Orchestra.

BOB BOBROW Clarinet and Saxophones
Bob started playing clarinet in the seventh grade and continued through high school also playing bass clarinet and various saxophones. By his senior year his favorite instrument had become the tenor sax. In college and throughout the 1960’s, Bob played in several dance bands and small combos in the San Francisco Bay Area. During that same period while earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration, he also served for six years in the 159th Army Band of the California National Guard. By the mid-seventies Bob’s playing went into semi-retirement and he only played occasionally at home. Three decades later in 2003 he “discovered” community bands. Since 2004 he has played with the Sacramento Concert Band, The Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band, The Amador County Concert Band, The Nevada County Concert Band, and currently plays with the Capitol Pops Concert Band. Bob’s first show with RSP was White Christmas in 2011, and as a longtime fan of musical theater and of “pit” musicians he is delighted to be able to play some of his favorite music. He admits to being flattered when invited to join the RSP Resident Orchestra.

At age 3, after learning from her father, Caryl auditioned and was accepted to begin private lessons from Louia Vaughn Jones (concert violinist, professor of music at Howard University in Washington, D.C.). From age 4 – 6, Caryl studied with Lillian Cinberg and at age 5, performed at the Philadelphia Orchestra’s Children’s Concert as a member of the Settlement Music School Quartet. In 5th grade, Caryl began studying under Guido Mansuino (National Symphony), and became the youngest member admitted to the DC Youth Symphony Orchestra, where she played for 7 years. Caryl was also in her High School Honor’s Quartet and school orchestra. Caryl attended the Eastern Music Festival, spending one season in the main orchestra and another as Concertmaster of its junior orchestra. Then, Caryl took a 39-year hiatus from playing the violin, during which time she got her BA degree, raised a family, and spent 34 years with the Federal Government. In 2008, Caryl retired as a Federal Ethics Officer and relocated to Sacramento. Caryl joined the West Sacramento Community Orchestra in 2010, and the RSP resident orchestra in 2011.

KATHRYN CANAN Flute and Piccolo
Kathryn has enjoyed playing for musical theater since a gig in the Kit Kat Orchestra for Cabaret got her out of marching for high school football games in November in Montana. She has played for the Davis Comic Opera Company and Light Opera Theater of Sacramento. She has performed with Runaway Stage Productions since 2005 and a member of the Resident Orchestra since its creation in 2006.. Kathryn also enjoys playing and teaching recorder and early flutes; she toured England with the Recorder Orchestra of New York and has performed on Maui, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and at the Avignon Theater Festival with Early Music Maui. Lenten is Come, her CD of medieval English music with Briddes Roune, is available at Kathryn recently completed an M.A. in Liberal Arts at CSUS, so she is now fully qualified to practice medieval medicine.

DALE DISNEY Acoustic and Electric Bass
Dale first picked up the bass in the seventh grade. He continued in the music program throughout Jr. High, and then in High School under the direction of Gerry Lopes. During High School he also played with the Sacramento Youth Symphony under Michael Neumann. Dale continued to play for a couple of semesters with the American River College Orchestra, but then put away the bass for over a decade. After receiving a call to play for a concert to fill out the bass section, Dale has steadily played more and more gigs. Dale has been playing with the Valley Choral Society and Folsom Lake Symphony Orchestra for the past few years. Dale first played with RSP in 2009’s production of Evita, which was supposed to be just one or two shows as a substitute. After playing most of Evita and then Sweet Charity, Dale just doesn’t want to leave the theater!

PAUL DOERNER Plectrum Bajo and Tenor Guitar
Paul has played Banjo since 2002. His teachers are Peggy Lewis of Sacramento and Dave Marty of Novato. A soloist at various Banjo conventions from Sacramento to Providence, he was the feature story for Fretted Instruments Guild of America's ALL FRETS (Jan/Feb 2006). Paul plays with the Capital Kids Banjo Band, Sacramento Banjo Band, Oregon Trail Band, Assorted Nuts Band and the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society's 'TNT'. He is pleased to be a member of RSP's Resident Orchestra, and has performed in Chicago and Anything Goes, among others.

GERTRUDE DUBANSKI Piano/Audition Pianist
Gertrude Dubanski played the piano at Max's Opera Cafe for 11 years. She currently performs with Sacramento's Capitol Opera. She also was the pianist for River City Theater Company, a local children's theater group. She is delighted to be a Resident Member of the RSP Orchestra. Gertrude thanks her husband Bob and son Paul for their patience and support. Gertrude has been a member of the Resident Orchestra since first playing piano in The Full Monty in 2007. She also currently serves on Staff as Audition Pianist.

DEANN GOLZ Piano/Vocal Director/Musical Director
As a child, Deann started singing and playing clarinet because she wanted to be just like her older sister. It turned out that she loved it so much that most of her free time is now spent on musical endeavors. Her favorite instrument is the piano. Deann currently accompanies the Cantate Choir of the Sacramento Children's Chorus and plays for church services at The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd once a month. She also sings in the Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra and plays guitar in a rock band. Deann first performed with RSP's orchestra in 2005 for Seussical the Musical and has also played for Baby, The Full Monty, and Anything Goes, among many others. Deann is very excited to be part of RSP's Resident Orchestra. Deann is currently the Resident Vocal Director for the 2012 season.

Jennifer started playing one note at a time (on flute) in the 6th grade, but more recently found it way more fun to play lots of notes at once and so she now plays keyboard whenever she can. From the early days of focused private study, honor bands, perfectly placed hand position, sustained air support, and the all important daily run through all scales and breakneck speed -- to the carefree dance of contemporary Christian celebration music and the exhausting but infinite fun of a Community Musical tech week -- all come together to the same answer over and over -- what could be more rewarding than the day you suddenly notice you can play what yesterday you swore was out of your reach?

ALAN JOHANSEN Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Alan was first introduced to pit orchestra while studying music and trumpet at Chaffey College in a production of “The Mikado”. The challenges and satisfaction of playing musical theatre has had him hooked since then. Before becoming a resident member of the RSPRO in 2010, he played with the Rocklin Community Theatre Company for ten years. His two daughters performed on stage during many shows while he played in the pit, making it a very special experience for him. In addition to musical theatre, Alan have played in the Sierra College Concert Band for several years and with the Capitol Pops. He is also currently a member of the Sacramento Symphonic Winds. Alan has a special interest in vintage trumpets and cornets and has collected many classics. Alan is pleased to be involved in a theatre group with such a high talent level of performers and staff and looks forward to playing in some great shows.

Dorothy began playing violin some time before becoming the youngest member of the Meremblum Junior symphony in Los Angeles at age 5. Her orchestral experience continued through high school and continued after a lengthy hiatus for education and family.  Since 1991, she has played chamber music regularly, community theater occasionally, fiddle competitively, and  as a mariachi for five years.  After retirement as Chief Deputy District Attorney, San Joaquin County, she returned to Sacramento and continued to study and play violin and cello in chamber music and community symphony orchestras.  She is currently a member of the Folsom Symphony.  Dorothy played her first production with RSP in The Producers, and looks forward playing future productions with this engaging company.

Elaine began singing at age 5 and has participated in some form of musical expression ever since.  She began her piano studies at age 6, but didn’t feel complete without adding the violin at age 11.  Throughout junior high, high school, and college, she participated in school, music camp, and community choirs and orchestras, while continuing her piano studies.  A highlight of her youth was being chosen as a piano soloist on two different young artist concerto competitions with the Idaho Falls Symphony, in her home state of Idaho. Her previous musical theater experience includes performing either violin or piano in Guys and Dolls, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Once Upon a Mattress, Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma, and singing the part of Mammy Yokum in L’il Abner.   Since relocating to California, she has focused on her violin skills and is excited to play for the first time with Runaway Stage Productions for Wizard of Oz in July 2013.  She looks forward to many performances to come.

Rachel began learning music at age 12 on clarinet. She then quickly moved on to the flute and saxophone, and began taking private lessons for cello at age 14. In high school, she was involved in band and musical theater and played with the Camellia Juniors Orchestra outside of school. Since then she has played with River City Theater Company, and is excited to be a member of RSP's resident orchestra. Rachel is currently studying at American River College with a music minor and will soon begin playing with the American River College Orchestra.

JAMES LOHMAN Musical Director/Reeds/Brass/Keyboards/Music Arranger
James has worked in public schools for the last 12 years, and is currently a Band and Orchestra Director in the Yuba City Unified School District. Before moving to the Yuba-Sutter area James earned a Bachelor of Music Degree at California State University, Sacramento. While living in Sacramento he was the Senior Director of the Sacramento Youth Band, taught music in Sacramento City and San Juan Unified Schools, and played a few years in the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. He is also currently the musical director of the Yuba-Sutter Youth Symphony, a clarinet player in the Yuba–Sutter Symphony, plays saxophone and trombone in the Yuba City Nazarene Band and a pit musician/musical director for various other companies around Sacramento and Yuba City. James has been with RSP since November 2006 when he was musical director for his favorite show Annie. James has also participated as musical director for the expanding Youth Masterclass musicals and for the RSP Preiview shows as musical director and arranger.

PATTY LONG Oboe, Flute, and Piccolo
Patty started taking piano lessons at age 5, and as a concession to continue piano lessons she was allowed to take flute and then oboe in school. Thankfully, she got to stop taking piano lessons at 18. She has performed with the RSP Orchestra for My Fair Lady, Fiddler on the Roof, Baby, Guys and Dolls, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Patty feels privileged to be playing in the RSP Orchestra. She also plays oboe with the Sacramento Symphonic Winds and enjoys the challenges and rewards that come with performing before a live audience.

CAT SPECE Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Orchestra Contractor and Manager
Cat Spece graduated from California State University, Sacramento in 2001 with a Bachelor of Music degree. She loves playing musicals for the variety and challenges of musical styles and composers. Her first production for Runaway Stage Productions was La Cage Aux Folles in 2003. Having played in several RSP orchestras since 2003, Cat was impressed and inspired by the rising quality of shows and casts. With a vision and desire to create a consistent musical base, Cat led the effort in organizing the Runaway Stage Productions’ Resident Orchestra. A musical entity since the 2006 season, the Resident Orchestra has impressed and pleased audiences and casts. Part of the goal was to validate each performer’s experience on stage with as complete an orchestra (from the composer’s intention) as possible. Cat continues to build the Resident Orchestra in her capacity as Orchestra Contractor and Manager.

RUDY STUBBS Trombone and Tuba
Rudy is a product of public school music education - that is to say, "Here's a scale, and here's how to play it on xxx instrument". He credits his Mom with developing his deep love for musical theater and for her support, especially in the early years, when coaxing a 10 year old rapscallion to come inside for daily practice must have been vexing at best. She never failed to be there for what must have been some pretty painful-to-listen-to concerts in the formative years. As a developing musician Rudy was fortunate to have studied under the baton of William Eramouspie who gave him free reign to explore and develop alternate instrumentations and taught him the love of conducting, and later under the genius of Ray Lindsey, who's creative energy and pursuit of excellence and attention to detail has left his mark on thousands of Northern California musicians. Now retired, He describes himself as an "recreational" musician (by choice), and performs regularly in the River City Concert Band as well as The Capitol Pops and as an alternate summer musician in the Amador County Concert Band.

DONICA STILES Clarinet, Saxes, Flute/Piccolo
Chemist by day, musician by night. Playing clarinet (and various saxophones and flute) has been a hobby of Donica's for years. She has been a part of the RSP orchestras since 2003, playing in “My Fair Lady”, “The Music Man” and “Victor Victoria”, among many others. She looks forward to making music a bigger part of her life by being a member of the RSP orchestra. Donica is an original member of the Resident Orchestra since its creation in 2006.

LAURA TURPEN Bassoon, Clarinet, Bari Sax
Laura originally hails from Peoria, IL. She graduated from Purdue University where she spent 7 semesters in various bands and orchestras. In California, she has performed with the Solano Winds, the Timbuktunes, the Placer Sierra Symphony, the Davis Comic Opera Company, the Light Opera Theatre of Sacramento, and the California Repercussions. She is delighted to be the resident bassoonist for RSP since her first show with RSP - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in 2006.

TROY TURPEN Trumpet and French Horn
Troy started playing trumpet in his senior year at Bella Vista High School. Upon entering UC Davis in the fall of 1980, he was introduced to the Mellophone in the Cal Aggie Marching Band and has been on horn ever since. Although he's played in the Athenaeum in Bucharest, Romania in 1985, Troy continues to entertain audiences young and old around the globe with The California Repercussions, searching for the perfect venue. Troy has been a musician for 28 years, but during the day he is a mild mannered Account Manager for an environmental laboratory.

KIMBERLY WEBER Flute and Piccolo
Kim began studying flute at the age of seven and has continued her musical obsession by studying saxophone, piano and voice. She has been playing in community musical theater pit orchestras since the age of 15, with no intention ofever stopping. Her first show with Runaway Stage was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Since then, she has played for RSP's productions of Into the Woods, Jesus Christ Superstar and Jekyll and Hyde. She considers it a great privilege to be a part of the Runaway Stage family. When she is not in the pit, she directs a children's choir, vocal directs children's musical theater, writes fiction and tends to her five acres, three children (all of whom have performed on the RSP stage), two dogs and one very supportive husband.
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